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When working with JMJ Jewels, we found them to be focused in what they want in and website and database.

The distance between Dublin and Antwerp was never an issue as we used email, and WhatsApp for constant communication.

We were able to create the look and design they wanted through constant interaction and had a finished product that we are both extremely happy with, such as the customers’ ability to upload a photo to create their own unique ring.

This option has allowed current customers to upload photos to JMJ Jewels website.

  • Websites Design and Development
  • Database

JMJ Jewels are a jewellers based in Belgium. I have been working in the jewellery business for 12 years. When meeting with Marek from Nukasystem we found he has 10 years’ experience in the trade and knew what we wanted. Through his hard work and professionalism our vision became his vision.

Nukasystem created many great options for our customers such as uploading a photo from a magazine or shop window to get the unique ring design of your choice designed by our expert designers.

Jenni Mc Ardle