If you plan to sell anything online, having an e-commerce plan is as important as your original business plan. Because you’re exploring new territory, making decisions about technology and marketing, and establishing a new set of vendor relationships, a well-thought-out plan will serve you well.

Your e-commerce plan starts with website goals. Who are your target customers? What do they need? Are they getting information only, or can they buy products at your site? These key questions, we asked you and if they answered early, we determine with you how much time and money you’ll need to develop and maintain an online presence.

Second, decide what products or services you'll offer. We will help you position and display them. Will you offer both online and offline purchasing? How will you handle shipping and returns?

Supporting your e-business, we will help you to have a clear idea of how you want to handle the “back end” of the business. If you decide to sell online, you’ll need a shopping cart component, which is a means of handling credit card processing, and an organized order fulfillment process. Finally, even if you build an amazing website, don’t assume people will find you on their own. If you want to develop a consistent flow of traffic to your site, it’s essential that you plan, execute and maintain an ongoing and multifaceted promotional strategy that’s carefully targeted to your audience. This is in addition to the promotions, advertising and marketing you already do for your brick-and-mortar business.


We will provide you with an ecommerce shop for your business whether you sell one service, or thousands of products! Upon completion, you will have an e-commerce solution that is ready to be a profitable online shop for your business. E-commerce websites are for companies of all sizes to sell on the Internet. Selling online is easy and you can do it with a user-friendly, customized e-commerce solution just come to us for a coup of coffe and free advice.