A.W.D.L Global with over 20 years knowledge within the certification and laboratory industry and having 3rd generation diamond family experience is an expert in grading diamonds or jewellery pieces in Antwerp - Belgium.

The challenge which A.W.D.L is facing:

Having a big number of diamonds and jewellery certificated, they need to have a system where previously provided reports will be available to customers on their request


Fallowing Growth Driven Design concept, we have decided to create a few pages, wich help the client to get information about their diamonds or jewellery gradient results.

The final step is to build login system to the Data Base, where each customer will be able to print this information from home using login and password provided.

  • Web Design and Development
  • Database
  • Logo Design
  • User Login System

Project currently in progress. As soon as is finished we do provide our customers opinion about their experience to work with us.

A.W.D.L Global and Nuka System Team